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Edition of 500 signed copies
foreword by Michael Neale
64 pages
cm. 29×29 hardcover
ISBN 978-88-7336-539-6

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Five years in London is Alessandro Griccioli' first book of photographs taken in London between 2015 and 2020.


It contains 80 images, 160 pages and includes an introduction by Reuter writer Michael Neale.



This is not just a title, or the duration of a photographic project. It is not just a book, put together with passion, after a very long period of gestation, and following the advice of many photographer friends.


It is five years of my life, a precise chapter in my growth as a humanist, projected into one of the world’s most important and attractive metropolises, consciously overwhelmed by its incessant flow and by its multiethnic and multicultural dynamics. Five years are just enough to document the contemporary reality of such a global economic, financial and cultural centre and its edgy side.


Says Eolo Perfido, one of the greatest Italian Street Photographers: “The street photographer must become part of the flow. And when he is immersed he has to take advantage of the potential of this new point of view to reconfigure what he sees through the typical tools of Street—that is, framing and synchronisation”.


In an insatiable search for a key to interpret the world, my wanderings through the streets of London, in a space-time continuum ample enough to embrace neighbourhoods, contexts and characters so different from each other, became a therapeutic form of meditation, discovery and learning.

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18.12. 2021 —  03.01. 2022


Galleria Belvedere
Casole d'Elsa, Siena, Italy

Curated by Andrea Buzzichelli

Book presentation by Michael Neale and Elisa Dainelli

By training and profession, Alessandro Griccioli is a winemaker.  He excels in the management of a business producing and selling wine, olive oil, truffles, and other fares for gourmets.  Yet, as a gifted portrayer of humanity through the lens of his Leica he shows as much skill in the craft of photography, and dedication to its art, as the finest of professional photojournalists.  It is rare, if not unique, to find such a combination of such skills.


The brilliant images displayed in this exhibition and in his book Never Tired of London are an enduring tribute to the city that captivated both his heart and his eye in the early years of the 21st century.

Michael Neale

“Ci si potrebbe sorprendere, non delle sorprese del caso, -sono così frequenti- ma del fatto che il fotografo sia spesso presente per coglierle” (Willy Ronis, Le regole del caso)


Cosa significa fare fotografia street in un mondo in continuo movimento? Cosa significa “fermare istanti” apparentemente casuali in una serie di immagini?

Never Tired of London è un libro e un lavoro di Alessandro Griccioli, in mostra dal 18 dicembre 2021 a Casole d’Elsa, alla Galleria Belvedere. La sua è la narrazione di un momento; la fotografia, che nel progetto diventa corale, di un’Inghilterra prima della Brexit e prima della pandemia da Coronavirus. Un lavoro che assume oggi un valore storico e politico e di cui dovremo fare tesoro, per sapere come eravamo e per vedere come, forse, torneremo ad essere in futuro. 

Maria Elisa Dainelli



Alessandro Griccioli, a young traditionalist with an innovative edge, promotes his Chianti based winery with the vision of legacy for the future. His photography encapsulates this image with his views through the camera lens. Alessandro's website showcases his passion for photography being the medium into the soul.

Camera gear: Leica SL2, Leica SL 24-90, Leica M10 Monochrom, with Leica 21 Super Elmar, Apo Summicron 35 f2 ASPH, Godox AD200 lighting kit, Phottix Nueda 4 Led.


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