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date. 2015 - 2020

city. London

I was born and brought up in the countryside in the midst of vineyards. I have memories of the sound of cockerels crowing and of tales told by the local contadini, the country folk of Tuscany. There, in the sweetest heart of the beautiful land of Italy, I now produce wine with the same passion and obsession with which I photograph the great streets of the world. Nothing could have fascinated me more than the big city of London, with its shadows and sharp lights and the refined or sometimes extremely fragile character of its inhabitants.


For years London has been the focus of my obsession as a photographer. With a Leica at my neck I am inspired by the precepts of the great masters of photography, on how to frame my pictures and compose their content at the right moment to capture a story. With my compulsive reading and study of the work of great photographers I have absorbed an understanding of what moved the eye, heart and mind of each of them. Photography offered me recreation, therapy, meditation and the spice of life itself.


Robert Frank, Joel Meyerowitz, Henri Cartier Bresson, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Josef Koudelka, William Klein, Alex Webb, Walker Evans, Trente Park, Sebastiao Salgado are some of those whose hearts beat in the street whose imperceptible trail of photographic emotion I try to follow.

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