Alessandro Griccioli is a dedicated humanist photographer with a passion for capturing authentic human emotions. His photography tells stories of people and communities, artists, highlighting challenges, triumphs, and everyday moments.

He has gained a strong foundation through attending several workshops with Leica Academy Italy. He has had the opportunity to study under renowned photography masters such as Eolo Perido, Toni Thorimbert, Stefano Mirabella, Jacopo Santini, Stefano Schirato, and Carlo Carletti. This experience allowed him to refine his photographic skills and gain a unique perspective on the world of photography.

In 2023, Alessandro further expanded his knowledge by attending the Storytelling course at the Fondazione Studio Marangoni, with Simone Donati e Michele Borzoni of Terraproject. This course enhanced his ability to tell stories through images, further enriching his artistic repertoire.

In addition to his photography, Alessandro is a wine producer, reflecting his connection to Tuscan culture and creating moments of appreciation for the beauty of life. Furthermore, he has a special collaboration with Leica Academy Italy, hosting various photography Campus and Workshops on his vineyard estate.
Leica Academy Italia

He has also published two significant books: "Never Tired of London," self-published, and "Jean-Paul Philippe, Poet of Space," published by Sillabe. These books testify to his commitment to storytelling through words and images.

Alessandro's work is driven by deep empathy for social issues, aiming to encourage reflection on important aspects of life through his art. He hopes to inspire others to see the world in a different light and to recognize the beauty and diversity of the human experience.


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"Jean-Paul Philippe, Poeta dello Spazio", book, 2023 - Sillabe Edizioni.

Curated by Alessandra Rey.
Produced by Associazione Site Transitoire, sponsored by Gallerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger, Paris, France and Association Patrimoine Art et Culture.

Edition of 700 copies
144 pages
cm. 21×25 softcover
ISBN 978-88-3340-407-3

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"Never Tired of London", book, 2021 - self published.

Foreword by Michael Neale

Edition of 500 signed copies
64 pages
cm. 29×29 hardcover
ISBN 978-88-7336-539-6


"Spazi, Incontri e Identità", Fondazione Studio Marangoni, Firenze, Italy. Curated by Michele Borzoni and Simone Donati. Collective exhibition with Selene Clemente e Christian Pardini, Danielle Da Silva, Daniele Gambassi, Alessandro Griccioli, Lavinia Landi, Elena Meoni, Francesco Sani  - December 15th 2023 to January 31st 2024

Book presentation "Jean-Paul Philippe, Poète de l'Espace", Chigiana ArtCafè, Accademia Chigiana, Via di Città 89, Siena, Italy.
With Alessandra Rey, Jean Paul Philippe, Antonio Prete, Giulia Perni and Stefano di Bello - December 14th 2023

"Jean-Paul Philippe, Poète de l'Espace", Silvacane Abbey, La Roque d’Anthéron, Provence, France. Curated by Alessandra Rey - October 2023

"Jean-Paul Philippe, Poeta dello Spazio", Bottega dello scultore Jean-Paul Philippe, Asciano, Siena, Italy. Curated by Alessandra Rey - July 2023

"Never Tired of London", Leica Store Firenze, Italy. Curated by Andrea Buzzichelli with Elisa Dainelli and Michael Neale - February 2022

"Never Tired of London", Galleria Belvedere, Casole d'Elsa, Siena, Italy. Curated by Andrea Buzzichelli with Elisa Dainelli and Michael Neale - December 2021

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